The Enabler’s Tool for Team Analysis

The Enabler’s Tool for Team Analysis

Discover what makes your team work!

Team Analysis Tool – all digital, starting 2022

In 2014, myself and a colleague, following scientific standards, developed a modern tool for team analysis and a survey instrument that maps the guiding qualities of modern leadership and cooperation. Out came a tool, that shows the perspective of individual and collective members of a team on relevant aspects of the group dynamic, revealing the internal structure of the team as well as shedding a light on the person(s) leading the team. That means, the tool can be applied to agile teams as well.

The team analysis tool now includes all relevant characteristics of modern, classical teams. In 2022, the test was digitalized and can now be run on a mobile phone, a notebook or tablet. The participants receive an immediate, commented feedback on their individual assessment and later on are given a three-hour long evaluation of all submitted assessments with a view to strengths and anomalies. This professional and objective evaluation of deviations and noteworthy aspects allows for concrete recommendations for development for the whole team.

As developers of the tool, our aim is to gather a growing quantity of comparable samples to maximize the tool’s focus and relevancy. To that end, we are looking for model groups, interested in using the team analysis tool and agreeing to an anonymous use of the gathered data for statistical purposes and a further development of the test. With this option, we offer the use of the testing method and its accompanying evaluation free of charge.

If you want to register, please use our contact button with the keyword “Analyze Teams”!

What criteria does the Team Analysis Tool include?

The tool records six relevant criteria of success and their evaluation allows for a comparison between different teams. There is also the option for you to add your own questions, relevant to your company, to the questionnaire.

  1. pride, self-Image, identification
  2. performance orientation, clarity about tasks and purpose
  3. communication about internal processes and interfaces
  1. solidarity, cooperativeness, honesty
  2. culture of innovation and dealing with mistakes, competency and maturity of members
  3. guidance, organization, leadership

Technical details

one version for employees and one for managing personnel

digital usage and evaluation

duration: 15 to 20 minutes

assessment of the team as a whole and separately for employees and managing personnel

guided evaluation and feedback process in a team workshop


Each participant receives an immediate and qualified evaluation of his personal assessment after submitting his or her entries in the test.

The results are evaluated in a discussion of the collective and through a moderated process. The moderator highlights elements of the results that are striking and/or deviate. Each member of the team can now compare his or her own assessment of the team with other members and with the person(s) in charge of and leading the team.

Together, the participants can form an opinion on the gathered results and judge our recommendation of further measures and their implementation.

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