Tests, Analysis and Personnel Diagnostics

Tests, Analysis and Personnel Diagnostics

We specialize in clear statements and offer you a wide spectrum of digital as well as analogue diagnostic methods, tests and tools. These allow for an expansive assessment of the competencies, the potential and motives of your employees, Teams and organisations.

Tests, Analysis and Personnel Diagnostics

Tests, Analysis and Personnel Diagnostics

We are specialists, when it comes to a clear eye and factual statements. We achieve that by employing a range of diagnostic methods, tests and instruments, which will enable you to make decisions about your organizational and personnel development. In running the tests we developed and validated ourselves, using well-established processes, while building on our own diagnostic expertise, we will guide you in choosing the right analytical method to meet your individual requirements. With our support you will gain a clear insight into the current status quo as well as the necessary steps along which to proceed from here.

Digital Test Center

Tool for Team Analysis

  • Scientifically well founded
  • Includes many of the aspects of working together
  • Expandable to include your individual questions

360°-Feedback, Leadership Questionnaires

  • includes all requirements of modern leadership
  • scientifically proven

Tests for specific tasks

  • Change Types
  • Time-Management Types
  • Driver-Type-Test
  • Conflict Types

Offering licensed tests

  • ReissMotivationProfile (Life Motives)
  • FÜMO (Leadership Motivation Test)
  • GPOP (Personality Type Test)
  • Various Psychological Tests (Hogrefe)

Analysis of Potential (remote/analog)

Recruitment Process

  • Assessment-Center
  • Multimodal Interviewing Procedure
  • Psychological Performance Test
  • In-Depth Interview
  • Online-Talk-Simulations
  • Digital In-Tray / E-Tray exercises

Human Resource Development

  • Development-Center
  • In-Depth Interviews and Tests
  • Potential Workshops
  • Moderated Feedback Processes
  • Orientation-Center

Organizational Development

  • Interviews on working culture
  • Employee Questionnaire
  • Interviews with experts
  • Workshops on business / working culture

Being a psychologist, diagnostics has always been a particular favourite of mine and I have been continuously learning about it over the years, whether as a student at the test diagnostics of the TÜV or the in-depth occupation with ACs and various testing methods. I would very much like to share that knowledge with you!

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