Coaching offers new opportunities

Coaching offers new opportunities

In critical phases, the special support of personal coaching is of significant value.


I am a graduate psychologist and a certified coach and my career has provided me with a wide range of methods, techniques and models from which my clients can choose. I guide my conversational partners through the process of personal reflection, offer a variety of tests and empirically sound diagnostics and in doing so prove an analytical perspective on the current situation. In my coaching I support the implementation of the generated solutions through feedback, tips and know-how. My coachings can be done both online or on-site, according to individual preference.

Reasons for Coachings

Professionals and managers use my coachings regularly

  • to prepare themselves for the challenges of new tasks and requirements that come with a new position, to get tips and to test themselves with a sparring partner
  • to learn the individually tailored and immediately accessible instruments, tips and tricks of providing leadership, leading negotiations and resolving conflict
  • to prepare themselves for upcoming conflicts with employees, colleagues or superiors and to confidently assert one’s own opinion and stand up for your own interests
  • to relieve the first signs of severe strains on the mental and physical health by restructuring the individual organization of the workload and finding self-efficacy in a new structure and self-regulation
  • to find support and guidance when facing important and tough decisions in your personal life or within your career

The “special offer“: online coaching to develop your personality with the Heroes and Villains

Normally I work with specific and case-related scenarios by fully adjusting to a client. For candidates facing specific concerns however, it also makes sense to follow a pre-standardized, digital coaching program by way of an individual training. This is particularly relevant, when that person is generally striving to become more efficient. That means, coming to terms with the “hot button“-issues and triggers that get him or her worked up, discourage or provoke strong reactions. If you are having trouble making decisions, negotiating conflicts, struggle to become more efficient or are trying to prevent working yourself into exhaustion or burning out, this program can help you navigate through.

In this digital coaching, the complex psychological know-how is condensed into a comprehensible format, easily applicable to the everyday: Our model of the “Heroes” and “Villains” can be readily picked up by participants as a tool for self-regulation and transferred to the everyday.

Prerequisition for a successful application of this digital format is a high level of personal responsibility, because a participant is to practice and implement the content and tools acquired by him- or herself. In a 3 x 2 h format, the basic principles of the method are relayed and clarified by the coach with the help of a few practical examples. In addition, the coachee will gain access to a learning platform online, containing didactically compact learning contents and receive a print-out version of the handbook to read up on the most important aspects of the model. Following up on this basic offer on “personal efficiency“, there is the option to engage in further modules on methodological topics such as negotiating skills, how to navigate issues of power or improving sales and presentation techniques.

This format is especially suited for a time sensitive demand of personnel development, where employees do not want to wait for an open slot in a seminar and who are already experienced in a self-guided learning process, for example as part of an agile working team. The content as well as the creative and vivid layout of the material make it easily accessible.

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