Graduate Psychologist Bernd Schiffmann

Graduate Psychologist Bernd Schiffmann

The facilitator from East-Westphalia is the creative and unconventional partner for pragmatic and long-term solutions. He makes psychology work for you!

Graduate Psychologist Bernd Schiffmann

Trainer, Coach, Consultant

  • Graduate Psychologist
  • Vocational Training  
  • University education in psychology
  • Certified in organizational development and as professional coach
  • Experienced trainer in the development of specialist and management personnel
  • Specialist for solutions in personnel diagnostics
  • Founder and business manager of the
  • Networking partner for complex challenges

So, you think you’ve got problems?…

I became a trainer and coach, because I sincerely enjoy making psychological topics and issues available for my clients and participants in an unobtrusive and relaxed style. That can mean an experience of personal or self-development or entail the collaboration of a whole team or organization.  

Let’s go on adventures…

I am highly interested in searching for viable solutions to the exciting and complex challenges faced by modern-day specialists and executive personnel. Tell me all about your respective challenges in leadershiup, collaboration, transformation, sales, communication and self-management!

But what is…?

In order for it to work as intended, it makes sense for everybody involved to know yourself as best as possible. To achieve that, I offer a wide range of psychological, analytical and self-reflective methods for the individual as well as on the level of the whole team and organization.

Every journey is but a series of small steps…

After having established the current status I will teach you psychological guiding techniques and methods to achieve a satisfying and successful working process. To prevent it from getting overly strenuous or tedious I have re-developed the complex psychological theories and adapted them for the everyday work environment. This makes for a continuous output of new concepts and tools like the “Heroes and Villains” method that can be implemented lively and practically in the everyday all while aiming at results. Of course, I additionally make use of the various, digital options of ‘Blended Learning’.

New Work, continuously learning, digitalized organizations and going forward…

I specialized in organizational development to support you, as a continuously learning person, to become as successful and effective as possible in your role as part of the company and to allow you to make your own mark in a modern organization. After having spent over 15 years among several organizations I can tell you one thing: Times have never been more exciting!


  • Stadtwerke Bielefeld GmbH, Bielefeld
  • Stadtwerke Unna GmbH, Unna
  • ARAG Krankenversicherungs-AG, München
  • ARAG SE, Düsseldorf
  • thyssenkrupp AG, Essen
  • Stadtwerke Münster GmbH, Münster
  • Stadtwerke Hamm GmbH, Hamm
  • Benteler Deutschland GmbH, Paderborn
  • EK/servicegroup eG, Bielefeld
  • Autohaus Markötter GmbH, Bielefeld
  • Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG, Künzelsau
  • Netzgesellschaft Düsseldorf mbH, Düsseldorf
  • Amprion GmbH, Dortmund
  • Schott AG, Mainz
  • Diamant Software GmbH, Bielefeld

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